Brian Bourne is an Alberta raised guitarist and songwriter who initially started out with a mix of different rock bands from the ‘80s.  Tired of that scene, he set out to LA, Hollywood for professional guitar training at MI (Musician’s Institute).  With certificate in hand, Brian was off to Vancouver to become a guitar instructor and to continue music’s lifelong training by attending part-time courses at VCC (Vancouver Community College) in jazz and music / song writing seminars at the U of A.

While at MI, Brian honed his skills from great guitar players he met attending GIT workshops. These players being Jennifer Batten, Pat Methany, Keith Wyatt, Scott Henderson as well as Rick Emmitt at the Vancouver Music Trade Show.

After a lifelong, part-time pub hopping stint, it was time to do some serious song writing, enter Brian Bourne’s debut CD entitled “Your Friend”, which sings about loves lost, friendships and life’s realities.  In general, we asked Brian what he likes to write about.  He quotes, “I have a motto – to love music is to love life, and life is what I write about, and you can hear this in my song writing”.

Brian incorporates influences from the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, and Merle Travis with some country rock bumpkins to create his own unique signature song writing and singing style.  Presently, Brian continues to write (or “rock on” as he puts it, if you want to call it that), so watch out for new presses.

To sum it up, if you have ever taken a walk along the water’s edge as the sun disappears on the horizon, and you feel yourself longing to recapture those memories of loves and loves lost, I recommend listening to Brian Bourne’s debut CD entitled “Your Friend”.                           Signing off - Management

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